Welcome To SilentCaddy Golf

SilentCaddy is an aluminum light weight golf club carrier that holds 8 golf clubs and 3 golf balls. SilentCaddy can be used at the driving range, executive golf course, par 3 golf course, or for at home use. SilentCaddy is perfect to carry a few clubs to work on your short game, or just to keep your club handles dry while practicing your chip shots on the putting green.

SilentCaddy is made out of lightweight aluminum, with a black plastic non-slip handle, 4″ galvanized metal stake, and craddle ball holder for three golf balls. SilentCaddy is available in two colors, black and teal. SilentCaddy measures 25″ tall by 7″ wide and weighs approximatly 1 1/2 pounds. Patent Pending. Easily fits within the golf carts basket compartment for use on larger courses where carts may be restricted to cart paths only and you may need to carry out multiple clubs for your lie. SilentCaddy is also useful for those of us that are not so good “Cart Golf Players”.

SilentCaddy sells for $49.99 plus ground shipping available in the USA. At the present time SilentCaddy is not available in stores and can only be purchased thru silentcaddy.com or by calling the number at 1-845-416-4893. Most major credit cards accepted.

SilentCaddy is a unique golf gift for men and women alike. Comes in two colors, black and teal, one for him and one for her.